Peoples lifestyles are changing, digital technology has transformed the way people browse, interact and shop with brands.  We are living in the EXPERIENCE ECONOMY where consumers are much more demanding in what they expect from the brands/ companies they interact with every day.


Customer journeys are now more complex and may move between several touch points (ie online, telephone, social media and to face to face) creating multiple customer experiences.  Brands are constantly fighting to be heard in this new noisier disruptive world. It is more important than ever to have a strong brand presence backed by a clear and distinct voice


Accuracy combines over 20 years experience working with brand leaders, helping people like you to better understand your customers’ changing needs, desires, and expectations and how you can continue to add value in their hectic lives. Each brand/company customer relationship is different and may require a blend of both standard and newer research approaches.

By taking a fresh approach to each new research problem we have successfully delivered consumer insights and trend analysis for a broad range of clients.

To give our clients’ a wider view of how consumers are engaging,
enjoying or ignoring their brand.


All of our clients so we give you options so you can pick the approach that works best for your company/brand and the relationship you have with your clients and customers.  We have conducted bespoke customer research projects across a broad range of private sector clients ranging from fmcg, utilities, insurance, banking, charaties, travel and technology.

Clients we have worked for range from large multinationals to start ups: