Are your employees passionate about working in your organisation?

Do they have a strong emotional commitment in wanting your company to succeed and do they demonstrate that in their everyday work?

According to a recent Gallup study only 30% of employees are engaged in their work!

Put another way if your company were a 10 person rowing crew, statistically speaking

  • Only 3 are rowing with everything they have
  • 5 are going along for the ride
  • And 2 are actually trying to sink the boat

Brand and company excellence can only truly be achieved if your employees are enthusiastic and engaged about coming to work everyday. If your company is really seeking to thrive then ultimately everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction!

Accuracy are experts at helping you ask the right questions of your employees.

With our Employee Engagement and Optimum Actions tools you can understand:

  • What it means to your employees to work in your company?
  • What motivates them to get out of bed in the morning?
  • How emotionally invested they are in your company’s success?

See how it works



Accuracy’s Employee Engagement tool (AEE) uncovers the key drivers of engagement for your employees while our Optimum Actions tool (AOA) provides all employees with an individual work plan so that everyone is empowered to drive organisational change.

Areas covered include:

  • Discover if employees are passionate about working for your company or just going along for the ride
  • Identify areas in your organisation that need to be improved
  • Put together an action plan to drive organisational change
  • Track and benchmark your company performance over time

Step 1: Use a customised questionnaire to understand how your employees feel about working in your company

Step 2: Identify any “pain points” or areas that need to be addressed

Step 3: Develop a concrete action plan to address each issue

Optimum Actions goes beyond identifying the “pain points” within organisations, its focus is on EMPOWERING all employees to take action to drive your company forward.

Optimum actions enables employees from all levels within your organisation define and agree core concrete behaviours that will really make your company an enjoyable and excellent place to work.

By defining a set of core practices that all employees believe fit with your company’s unique culture, we have the magic ingredient to every company’s success “employee buy in”.

Here’s how it works

  • Step 1: Define the key employee behaviours that will make your company an outstanding place to work
  • Step 2: Measure all teams and employees on their performance on each behaviour
  • Step 3: Empower each employee with individual feedback on their performance and a customised action plan to address “challenge points

Then watch as employees take ownership of driving organisational change through concrete changes in their own personal behaviour!