Most of us recognize it’s important to measure our brand or company’s performance but very often we are not quite sure what to measure or if we are measuring the rights things in the right way?

Accuracy has expertise in helping companies define the most important things to measure so that you can track and benchmark your brand, campaign or company’s performance over time.

Measuring and tracking how your brand is performing relative to competitors in the market is critical as it arms you with key information that empowers you to act.

Consumer’s brand perceptions can change as a result of emerging issues, changing trends new entrants etc. Having a clear measure of your brand’s positioning and its relevance to consumers is vital so you can track and benchmark marketing effectiveness.



Accuracy has a range of quantitative tools ranging from our digital omnibus tracker- VOICE, to bespoke telephone and face to face surveys that can measure your target audiences’ views on any brand, issue or service and provide you with rapid feedback.

Step 1: Measure and track your brand’s positioning, advertising and marketing effectiveness against benchmarks to optimise performance

Step 2: Prioritise consumer needs and trends. Identify key drivers of brand perceptions in the minds of consumers

Step 3: Optimise: Drive continuous brand improvement with a credible, relevant, and motivating brand strategy and communications that influences purchase decisions