The Accuracy team combines over 20 years market research experience working with some of the world’s most successful brands.

Although we work across multiple sectors our purpose remains the same to deliver actionable insights for all our clients.

Our focus, therefore, is always to deliver insight, quickly without needless overspend. We treat your investment very seriously and expect that our quality of service will lead to an ongoing partnership.

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If we had 30 seconds to tell you about our company we would tell you we are experts in health and lifestyle research with over a 100 satisfied clients but as we have a little longer, here’s something more...

We’re Cost Effective

Very few or our clients are loaded! So unlike traditional market research agencies, we provide a boutique offering which allows us to customise the research approach to fit your budget.
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We’re Fast

Traditional market research companies are not known for their nimbleness. But Accuracy is proud of the fact that our research timelines and service flows are super-quick compared to traditional players.
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We’re Innovators

Rather than be threatened by digital technology we embrace it in all its forms. 

That’s why we offer consumer video capture, real world interviewing and research with on line communities as part of our offering. We were the 1st Irish market research company to launch- Voice, our digital panel of over 30,000 consumers that is nationally representative of the Irish public.
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We’re Experts

With over 20 years experience in qualitative and quantitative research our team has worked across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, fmcg, banking and finance, insurance, utilities, charities, education and travel etc.  

In that time we have acquired a wealth of expertise and knowledge that we seek to bring to every project. 
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We see the Bigger Picture

Traditional research companies can often ONLY see the world through the lens of market research. Our team members bring a much broader outlook gained from previously working in the Research Division of Drury, one of Ireland’s premier communications companies [read more]

We're Trusted

Our track record across the private and public sector speaks for itself 

Our team are elected Members of the Market Research Society (AMRS) and fully comply with the MRS Code of Conduct.
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How many of us can claim that our brand or company is truly excellent in everything it does?

Very often there are some things we do very well and others that we are not so good at.

Accuracy has the skills and expertise to help you look at your company or brand from every angle, helping you achieve brand and company excellence.




Many companies commonly mistake information for insight. In fact most companies have too much information and simply don’t know what to do with it

At Accuracy we see insight "as helping our clients find a clear and deeper understanding of a complicated issue"

It is at the core of what we do


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Most of us recognize it’s important to measure our brand or company’s performance but very often we are not quite sure what to measure or if we are measuring the rights things

Accuracy has expertise in helping companies define the most important things to measure so that you can track and benchmark your brand, campaign or company’s performance over time


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The customer experience is how the customer feels about all interactions with your company 

At Accuracy we are experts at helping you listen to your customers so that you truly understand their customer experience

We will work with you to identify what matters to your customers and uncover how you can provide ENRICHED PERSONAL EXPERIENCES that will create a lasting bond





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Brand and company excellence can only truly be achieved if your employees are enthusiastic and engaged about coming to work every day

If your company is really seeking to thrive then ultimately everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction!

According to a recent Gallup study only 30% of employees are engaged in their work!

Accuracy are experts at helping you ask the right questions of your employees



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Barry is the MD of Accuracy and brings with him 20 years’ experience of working for many of the world’s leading brands. A trained Counselling psychologist (TCD) with a further degree in psychology and an MSc in marketing, Barry brings a unique expertise to understanding what drives human behaviour and purchase decisions. He is a pioneer ...

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Field manager

Field manager

Michael Devereux

Michael joined Accuracy from Drury Research where he headed up our field department having complete responsibility for managing the entire field force and the quality control of all projects. Mike graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology, with a degree in marketing and an MBS. Michael has 10 years research experience managing both ...

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Strategy Director

Strategy Director


Emily-Jane (EJ) has more than 25 years national and international experience in communications. A psychology graduate from UCD, Emily also holds a post-graduate Diploma in communications from DIT. She previously worked with Fleishman-Hillard in the US specialising in corporate and consumer communications ...

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Performance Director

Performance Director

Dermot Evan

Dermot’s expertise is in social psychology and in particular the key factors in managing and harnessing an organisation’s reputation. He began his career at the business think-tank “Tomorrow’s Company” as a senior researcher where he focused on identifying key reputational attributes to sustain the organisations’of the future...

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