Many companies have too much information and simply don’t know what to do with it

Traditional research techniques often fall short in generating authentic insight because they are too far removed from the multi-channel 24/7 consumer experience of today

At Accuracy we use CONSUMER VIDEOS, IN MOMENT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK & REAL WORLD INTERVIEWING on top of standard research to deliver deep and meaningful insights

We provide you with a window into your clients/consumers’ world and see if you are the perfect choice for them? 

Dynamic Techniques used include:

  • Insight Groups
  • Insight Interviews
  • “In Moment” Feedback
  • Real world interviewing
  • Customer/Consumer video sharing
  • Vibrant online communities



Get a window into your customers world,  Accuracy employs dynamic research methods:

1: “In Moment” Feedback using VIDEO and F2F communication allows consumers share their experiences as they shop, buy and use your brands

  • Consumers can upload videos, photos while they shop, use or consume your brand
  • All video is tagged and analysed and can be spliced to create a show reel of your customer’s experience

2. Strawberry Sofa is exactly what it says a real-life strawberry coloured sofa that we can bring anywhere.

Rather than bringing your customers to a focus group or interview, we bring the interview to the customer.

We visit your store, shop or showroom and ask your customers to have a seat on our comfortable sofa with a cup of coffee and talk to us. Chats are fun and always insightful!

It’s a really dynamic way of getting “in the moment” insight and up close and personal with customers in a friendly and relaxed way. Interviews can be videoed and spliced to create A REAL WORLD VIEW OF YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE


Check Out Our Video on

“Who in Ireland best defines what it means to be Irish in 2017”
to see how we get IN THE MOMENT feedback

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Marvin Gaye said it best “What’s going on?” or as we would say “What’s going on with your brand?”

In the modern world where people are bombarded with constant brand and advertising messaging, it is very easy for your brand to get lost amongst the noise. Many companies and brands mistake more noise for impact and continue to use branding and advertising approaches that fail to resonate with their target audience.

At Accuracy we can show you very simply if your branding, advertising or sponsorship is working and if not we can show you how taking a number of simple steps you can breathe new life into your brand!

Step 1: Explore how your brand is viewed by the people that matter to you

Step 2: Identify its strengths and the areas where it is failing to make an impact

Step 3: Make small but powerful changes to how you talk with your key audience(s) and watch your brand TAKE OFF 

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